iOS 6: Where is the RSS support?

I have two RSS readers on my iPad, Google Currents and a much simpler reader simply called RSS.

I’ve been using my iPad more in the last few days, utilising it as a kind of stand-alone laptop (with the aid of a bluetooth keyboard/case) and one of the things I like to do when casually looking around web sites is adding their RSS feed to a reader when I like the site.

Safari autoloads the Podcasts app, and if the Podcasts app seemed to have any support for RSS feeds at all then I might use that but it apparently doesn’t – you can add the feed, but Podcasts won’t grab any items or let you read them.

There’s no options in Settings to change the default action when clicking on a link that goes to an XML file, and Safari seems to have absolutely no ability to show RSS feeds at all. It also has no action on the tap-and-hold “right click” menu to open the link in an RSS reader. For that I have to copy the link, open the reader, then manually add the feed. This in itself isn’t exactly earth shattering or difficult, but it then means that I can’t easily sync my RSS feeds.

And it gets better.

I just discovered, while trying to find out how to set Safari with a default RSS reader option, that RSS support is gone from in Mountain Lion, so if I upgrade I definitely won’t be able to easily sync my RSS feeds between my laptop and my iPad using and I would prefer it that way because it’s the minimum amount of fuss and bother. I shouldn’t have to get third-party software or accounts with online RSS services to put back functionality that was in the system in the first place, but I might very well have to.

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