iOS 6: Videos Home Sharing Headaches and Bullshit

Before I “cross-graded” (an upgrade insinuates that things have improved) to iOS 6 I just about had the Videos Home Sharing “sussed”, so to speak.

I have a collection of movies and television shows I’ve ripped for the purposes of convenient viewing on my PC whenever I like and not scratching the buggery out of the DVD’s with repeated exposure to the elements and my fumble fingers. I ripped the discs, converted them to MP4, and put them into iTunes where I was very happy with my little library of videos to watch.

The other day in iOS 5.1 I tried out the Home Sharing in the Videos app, and was pleased when I saw that the movies I wanted to watch on my computer could be viewed on my iPad, streaming without problem wirelessly.

Then I looked at the TV Shows and wondered if my iPad had had some sort of digital stroke.

Although I’d carefully made sure that all the shows had all pertinent episode name and number, series number, and programme name settings that they needed to show up nice and orderly in iTunes and on the AppleTV, they were a complete fucking mess on my iPad.

After much searching on Google I found out something odd. The Videos app doesn’t use logical metadata like Programme Name, Series Number, and Episode Number to display a nice orderly collection of tv shows.

If you look at a television episode in iTunes, right click and select Get Info, under the Video tab is the metadata field “Episode ID”. From what I can tell from trawling over the Apple forums that is what uses as the sorter, followed by… Artist, Name, Track Number…

Idiotic, but I took the time to go through and “fix” something that wasn’t broken. I added Episode ID’s to all my shows, with the aid of Increment Number Tags from Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes, using the simple delineation [tv show name][number from 001 to whatever].

I also added Artist (Programme Name), Album Artist (Programme Name), Name (Episode Name), and Track Number (Episode Number) to all the shows. A few people in the forums suggested adding the series name (like “Season 1” or “Series 1”) to the Album metadata field, but when I did that then rearranged everything so it showed Season 1, Season 1, Season 1… then all the different Season 2, Season 2, Season 2… Without the Album metadata it was in order, although for some reason it listed everything alphabetically in two groups. Show A, C, E, H, L, then B, D, F, G, I, J, and K.

I had hoped that this shit would be cleaned up after upgrading (HA!) from 5.1 to 6, that would sanely organise the TV Shows by Programme Name, Series Number, and Episode Number.

NOPE, it’s all a big fucking mess again of unordered shows, repeated listings, and lots of missing shows.

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