The Disconnect Between Physicality and Mentality.

Do you know what I’ve been doing wrong at job interviews?

I’ve been pointing out what I can do for the upper management types interviewing me.

At my last job interview a couple of years ago, for an IT position at G. James Glass and Aluminium, I kept pointing out how I could easily jump into the IT position and make it work even while working on the factory floor.

That was wrong. I had no idea what sort of systems they had in place, or how difficult they’d be to learn, no matter how simple I find it to learn a new system.

What I should have said was they have a disconnect between their factory and their office, and I could work on fixing it.

Some of you are going to say I’m nuts, that such a thing would have shut down the interview after the first sentence I spoke, but that’s okay, I don’t want to work for a company that is ignorant of their failing anyway.

The only way we improve is to recognise where we suck.

They had a disconnect, a “communications problem”, and they were looking for a guy to solve that problem, even if they didn’t know it when I was sitting there in the interview room.

Why else would a company making glass and aluminium products ask a prospective IT worker what he could do on the shop floor?

I’ve worked about equal amounts in both IT and as an Assistant Tradesman. I can see just how much of a problem these people all have talking to each other, but unfortunately it’s taken me this long to realise it.

At my next job interview, if all my dreams and hopes and fantasies don’t magically come to fruition before then, I’m going to point out that they have a communications problem.

It’s the only reason why anyone would want to stick a computer geek on a factory floor.

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    • Benjamin says:

      Your comment is really interesting, and given it’s overly general tones, lack of personalisation with a proper name or moniker, and the spammy personal address (it could just be poor presentation of a personal blog, and if so I apologise in advance), I’ve removed the links to your URL or email.

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