almonu… Redesigned.

I doubt that many people have seen the old almonu, so I’m not going to say welcome to the new almonu, especially since this version isn’t even close to being finished yet; hence the lack of, well, everything.

This is version 0.1 (Zero Point One). Not even the blogging side of things is finished but at the moment it displays blog posts on the front page and on their own, so I’m publishing this early with this post.

Heads up to Internet Explorer users, this site probably isn’t for you. I’m not going to go into a long-winded post about IE, I’m just going to say that if you use IE for no other reason than it’s there, then stop it, please. I’m sorry, but I’m creating this site with the most up-to-date (and a little working draft) standards here, and a fair few things aren’t going to work with IE. This site will work with Firefox 4 or Safari 5 (WebGL-enabled) though, as those are the two browsers I’m testing it on, and I’d love a heads up from Opera 11 users please (as it apparently has pretty good standards support too).

What’s coming?

Finishing the blog section for a start, and then I have kind of a big task. The central purpose of this site is to showcase my design ideas, in 3D. I had been working on something like this years ago with VRML, but with the new inclusion of WebGL and X3DOM in HTML 5 I think I’ll go for in-browser 3D. A double-HDD failure has set me back a little bit (primary drive AND backup), but I’m rebuilding my data. What else am I going to do, scream and hurl my computer out the window? That would feel satisfying for all of five minutes, and then I’d be tearing my hair out and really getting nowhere.

VRML was easy. X3DOM is going to be a bit more difficult but I think ultimately it will pay off, if only for the simple fact that what I couldn’t do in VRML I can definitely do in X3D rendered by the browser without a plugin.

I have ideas I want to share with the world – some silly, some strange, and some that I think have merit – and although a few are 2D, most of them are 3D – architecture, furniture, home workshops, transportation, and even small towns – and I’m happy that with the new HTML 5 there is now finally a 3D aspect to HTML.

So there will be a blog section, so I can have these little moments where I pretend to know how to write about design and making stuff, and there will definitely be a model display/faux portfolio section where I can show off my half thought out ideas and crack pot designs. I’m also thinking about putting in a forum section but then again there are so many forums about so many topics, even specialised ones I might include, that I don’t know if the hosting costs would be worth it in the long run; I really, really want to keep this site as ad-free as possible, even if only because I don’t like seeing ads everywhere, not even on my own stuff.

I want to share. I want to share my designs, link to other people’s cool designs and ideas, and try and inspire other people; even if this inspiration is nothing more than taking my designs and adding/subtracting to make them something else. I’ve always had this need to stimulate my brain, whether it be by reading something or designing something or using my hands to create something physical, and whether it be by ego or misplaced pride or simply the nurtured urge to share I want to spread my knowledge and experience in construction and design (what little there is) to others.

So here it is, almonu (intentionally spelled all lowercase).

If you’re not a regular visitor, I hope you will be, and I hope I will post often enough to encourage your frequent patronage.

If you’re a critic I have only one thing to say – If you want to give creative criticism and don’t have an example to back up your argument, then just shut up; I don’t want to hear from a Negative Nancy who has nothing to contribute other than snide comments. Many great ideas have been dismissed by people out of hand and were knocked down by sheer stupid pressure, and yet years later said “bad ideas” turned out to be good and useful. I don’t want to be told an idea or design sucks with absolutely no reasoning behind it, but IF you do have a reason to say something won’t work (legal or physical) I wouldn’t mind knowing.

If you’re a web designer, or someone who knows me, and has been following this blog because of some sort of sense of morbid curiosity and were wondering just how badly I could screw up web design then you’ll notice that this site has a kind of minimalist touch to it – one column, very little text decoration, and so forth. I figure that’s the safest avenue for me in the field of 2D design. I’m a technical guy. I’ve always found it easy to come to grips with the technical side of things, whether they be web design or working in a workshop, and minimalism is a great safe avenue for people like me; people who want to be creative but simply aren’t.

So here it is, almonu. Love it, hate it, I don’t care. I just want to share stuff, and here is the place for me to do it.

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